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Tech: Car navigational system that uses cellular signals instead of GPS

While driving your favorite sedan in an unfamiliar landscape, suddenly your GPS navigation system didn’t catch up, worst, block by a hovering massive cloud formation, might not be a very good experience for you. But researchers from the University of California Riverside (UCR) is about to change the game after they presented a whole new innovation on making your navigational system work even without the presence of a satellite or the Global Positioning System (GPS).

The next-generation navigation will utilize existing cellular radio antenna similar with LTE and WI-FI, instead of a GPS. The researchers noted that the new navigation system can be an alternative to GPS or complement it paving way for the development of autonomous vehicle system or driver-less car which at present requires a highly stringent navigational system.

According to Zak Kassas, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at UCR’s Bourns College of Engineering, more sensors are added to prepare autonomous vehicle navigation systems  in the event a GPS signal is not available, hence they are taking a new approach using existing technologist.

Car navigational system that uses cellular signals instead of GPS

A schematic showing how researchers at UC Riverside are using existing communications signals to complement satellite-based navigation systems like GPS for the control of driverless cars and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Credit: University of California- Riverside


With the autonomous vehicle on the fly, the team developed a process to increase accuracy on the navigation using radio signals. With Tesla on Thursday, saying that all cars it produces will now be capable of driving completely autonomously, then this new system would be a perfect solution.

The two research studies entitled, “Signals of Opportunity Aided Inertial Navigation” and “Performance Characterization of Positioning in LTE Systems,” presented by Kassas and his team in September during the 2016 Institute of Navigation  Global Navigation Satellite System Conference (ION GNSS+), in Portland, Ore. Both presentations won best paper presentation awards.

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