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Sol. Gen. released a teaser photo of De Lima linking to a suspected Bilibid drug lord

Manila,Philippines – Solicitor General Jose Calida releases a photo of Senator Leila De Lima together with the leader of the National Bilibid Prison (NBP) Presidio group Jaybee Sebastian, a suspected drug lord, in a media conference Thursday.

Calida said that the photo was taken from the cubicle of Jaybee Sebastian, a high-profile convicted inmate now being housed in Building 14 at the NBP.

In the photo, Sebastian was talking to a person in white, almost very near to De Lima.

The Solicitor General wanted an explanation from the Senator whom was the Department of Justice secretary when the photo was taken.

Calida was quoted saying,” She looks good in the picture. What was she doing in the mansion of Jaybee Sebastian?

Calida issued a warning to those government officials who are cuddling drug lords and traffickers to stop messing with the Office of the Solicitor General and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“There are many other photos, this is just a teaser”, Calida added.

Senator Leila Delima with Jaybee Sebastian.

Senator Leila Delima with Jaybee Sebastian.

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Proliferation of Drugs inside NBP

Jaybee Sebastian, a known personality in the Bilibid prison controls the Presidio group of the NBP with estimated membership of about 5,000 inmates according to reports.

De Lima, who made more than 30 raids in the NBP with “Oplan Galugad” failed to solve the issue of illegal drug trading within the walls of the NBP.

The proliferation of drugs while she was still the former DOJ prompted Calida to study to file charges against her.

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The Senator who was aware of the existence of the Bilibid groups denied the allegations which linked her to Presideo’s top brass and other convicted drug lords, and eventually pointed corruption as the culprit.

De Lima stated that, “I categorically deny any insinuation of me extending any protection or accomodation to any criminal”.

She added that the drug convicts were able to smuggle cell-phones inside the penitentiary because the jail guards are easily bribed.

Source: CNNPH, GMA



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