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Senate Triad Vows to Challenge Duterte

Duterte blow a strong message to everybody not to stand in his way before a group of supporters on his victory speech last Wednesday  in Cebu City, but three senators take a different opposing stand and vows to prove the government for  any exploitation and not even the President could stop it.

Before a crowd of politicians and supporters, the tough talking Duterte warned not to investigate him or else they would have a fight and that he would do what is better as long as it is the truth.

However, his profanity laden speech fails to terrify the three senators: Panfilo Lacson, Leila de Lima and Risa Hontiveros

Senators Challenge Duterte

According to Lacson, he was mandated to do his duty and that the President cannot  and should not be a hindrance to that. He stressed that respect in a civilized society is important and that unmannerliness  will merit disrespect.

De Lima told the Inquirer on a text message that if the President-elect were not misquoted, then we could expect his lack of willingness to tolerate any form of audit on his abuses.

She added that his statements were meant to scare the congress, but believe that the Solons will not take his warnings setting down and would investigate on the government misconduct.

In her text message to inquirer, Hontiveros sang the same tune with Lacson saying that peer branches of the government must respect each other on carrying their mandates.

She added that the Senate hearing should not be seen as a barrier to their intention to eliminate corruption and criminality.

Duterte Clash with CHR Chair

It could be remembered that during one of Duterte’s pre-election campaign speech that he would not necessitate to kill tens of thousands and throw them in Manila Bay to fatten the fishes there.

Duterte as well curses the Pope and made a joke remark about an Aussie missionary jacqueline Hamill killed during a hostage crisis in the 80’s.

He also vows to restore the death penalty as well as giving huge bounties to every drug lord killed.

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Jose Luis Martin "Chito" Gascon

Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon. Courtesy of ANC.

The Commission on Human Rights, an independent constitutional body said that the President-elects'”words and action” were found “to be discriminatory of women” and contrary to the provisions of the Magna Carta of Women (MCW).


CHR Chair Chito Gascon statement refers to Duterte’s rape remark about an Australian missionary.

Duterte responded that the CHR doesn’t know the law and that he didn’t commit an offense. He told Gascon to shut up and was called an idiot for nitpicking.

NBP Drug Trading

Duterte previously told De Lima to not mess with his foul mouth and better look into her backyard because there is a serious problem there.

Recent reports that 75% of the drug traded within our borders are coming from the National Bilibid Prison (NBP).

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De Lima, then the head of the Department of Justice  were not able to curve the issue and yet did over 30 raids within the NBP.

Duterte tells De Lima to shut up and that he will investigate her and file charges. Do not pick a fight with me, you will lose,” he warned.

However, on an inquirer article yesterday, De Lima assures that she would not be a hindrance to any legitimate anti-crime operation and that she would remain a solid advocate on the battle against crime and corruption.

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