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Recap: first week of a Duterte Presidency

Iligan, Philippines –The President of the Republic of the Philippines Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte has ended his first week with shock and awe.

His day one begins with the oath taking and eventually proceeded to his first cabinet meeting.

The President suggested the transfer of domestic flights as well as the linking of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to Clark International Airport (CRK) on a fast train to encourage passengers to use CRK.

Digong also ordered the creation of 8888 (citizen hotline) and 911 as National Emergency numbers which will be ready in the next few weeks.

It has been reported that the first 48 hours he assumes office, more than a thousand drug pushers and users surrendered to the authorities all over the country and at least 12-49 suspected drug traffickers killed in a separate incident in the National Capital Region.

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On Monday, the President issued his first executive order EO 1 entitled: “Re-engineering the Office of the President Towards Greater Responsiveness to the Attainment of Development Goals,” which will place some of the agencies that were previously under the Office of the President including:

• Cooperative Development Authority
• Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council
• National Anti-Poverty Commission
• National Commission on Indigenous Peoples
• National Commission on Muslim Filipinos
• National Youth Commission
• Office of the President-Presidential Action Center
• Philippine Commission on Women
• Presidential Commission on the Urban Poor
• Office of the President-President Action Center
• Technical Education, Skills and Development Authority
• National Food Authority
• Philippine Coconut Authority

On the same day, Philippine National Police (PNP) launched “Project Duterte” in General Santos City to further strengthen the campaign against drugs and criminality while P900 Million worth of “shabu” was ceased in the Cagayan province on a joint operation according to PNP Chief Ronald “Batu” Dela Rosa.

Duterte_69th Airforce Anniversary

Duterte_69th Airforce Anniversary

He also ordered the streamlining of all the process in the government agencies, particularly the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to aid Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

He publicly named 5 Generals on Tuesday, during the 69th anniversary of the Philippine Air Force in Clark, Pampanga.

Retired PNP Director General Marcelo Garbo Jr, former National Capital Region Police Office director Chief Superintendent Joel Pagdilao, former Quezon City Police District Office director Chief Superintendent Edgardo Tinio, former Western Visayas police chief, Chief Superintendent Bernardo Diaz, and Vicente Loot, who is now a mayor of Daanbantayan, Cebu were identified as drug protectors according to him.

Duterte also launched an all-year-round lifestyle check to all government employees and vows to eliminate “fixers” citing his personal experiences with the Philippine Postal office as well as fixing corruption issues in the Bureau of customs (BOC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

July 6 was declared non-working holiday to celebrate EiD’l Ftr, the end of Ramadan as cited in Proclamation No. 6 to bring the religious and cultural importance of Eid’l Fitr to the fore of national consciousness.

For the first time in 18 years, the rusted gates of Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) on the Elliptical Road in Quezon City were opened to the public on Tuesday. The gates were known to staged several rallies of which many of these were previously attended by DAR exec Rafael Marciano.

Duterte named 3 more drug lords that were linked to retired General Garbo in a press conference in Malacanang Palace via Peoples Television on Thursday.

Investigation of the 35 Mayors who were tagged in the drug cartel is conducted and were expected to be named early next week.

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He warned 3 of the “Bilibid 17” drug lords Peter Lim alias “Jaguar,” Peter Co alias “Wu Tuan,” and Herbert Colangco alias “Ampang” that they would die if they step out of jail.

On the same presscon he instantly appointed Vice President Leni Robredo to chair the HUDCC, a thing Robredo gladly accepted at a media conference earlier today.

VP Robredo would report to Cabinet Secretary Leoncio “Jun” Evasco Jr.

Meanwhile, Philippine airport passengers who failed the security check due to bullet possessions would possibly be able to go on board if there were no firearms confiscated after the President orders the end of “Tanim Bala” modus.

On Friday, the Palace confirmed Arnel Ignacio as the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) assistant vice president for the community relation and services department. Artist/actor, Ignacio was known in the social media as an advocate for anti-corruption as well as present on most of Duterte’s campaign trail.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) appointed chair Gina Lopez, suspended 4 mining firms who were not following the “Writ of Kalikasan”, implementing the administration’s fight against irresponsible mining.

It is also expected that the hammered-out Freedom of Information Bill would be released today on an executive order. The FOI will give ordinary citizen the power to investigate and audit government agencies as per the Constitution, the right to information.

The first seven days of his Presidency have seriously triggered a lot of criticism from the minority opposition and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

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Duterte passes normal security checks, shuns VIP treatment at the NAIA Terminal 2 on Thursday evening as he flew to Davao via regular economy seat.

Nevertheless, Digong has lived up to his promises to bring change to the Filipinos.

Are you satisfied with his first seven days? -#MoreChangeisComing

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23 comments on “Recap: first week of a Duterte Presidency
  1. Salamat sa Dios at nagkaroon tyo ng presidente na may pagmalasakit sa acting inang bayan TO GOD BE THE GLORY

  2. Can we reohrase the wird change is coming bviz it already co.e to us we will say it changed has come we the people if the philippines the 16.6M who voted for president are behind you and support you all the way until our last breath.We pray hard for safety that the Lord God in heaven will protect you from harm in everything you do for the good of our country and our countrymen don’t worry our prayers is for you always and your to the administration we love you so much mayor presPresident from MMDM MRRD-NECC

  3. Isa lang po ang concern ko….. sana po ingatan ni President ang sarili nya dahil marami syang kinalabang illegal… marami ang gustong mawala sya… sayang naman yung naumpisahan nya kung di matutuloy… ingat po kayo lagi….

  4. Only the guilty will be un happy about it! but the rest is Happy that finally we have a Hero who risk his life for the Filipino nation and will hear everyone’s cry. I am totally Amaze and never had heard if such remarkable Leadership!
    I am an OFW. With this changes he is making, i would be glad to come back home, i am rest-assured that i can live in peace and security in the Philippines. Business wise, it will be prosperous soon in the Philippines.
    Seriously, i want to join him in this fight and will always be Loyal to his leadership. May God protect You and People of the Philippines will be your shield to protect You.

  5. More than satisfied. Thankful for our President and for all the people supporting him. May God continue to guide him, give him strength and wisdom and protect him from any harm, danger, sickness and temptation.


  7. The kind of Leadership that we see now is really amazing. Hoping that others will follow his example, of good governance, not thinking of magpayaman or magpa pogi for the next election. President Digong thoughts and efforts are directed only on putting things in proper perspective. Overhauling the sick state of our government brought by self serving motives. Many of our elected officials have good intentions, yes , but when they are in the mainstream already, they feel, their steps is different from others. Soon they danced together in the beautiful “Corruption
    Sway”, or hopelessly thinking on how to give his best as promised. Others have followed suit in the example of the President, inspired that at last CHANGE is happening to our beloved country. Take care Sir, ingatan mo sarili mo. The future depends on you, kac nasisira na ang Youth natin.

  8. God is with us ….Mr.President ,we’ll roll our sleeve’s together…in oneness there is unity…hopefully,thanks God ‘Pinas is changing…..

  9. This is a good news.With peace and order in the Philippines soon , we can recover our title as the Pearl of the Orient … Good luck Mr. President and more power !

  10. Evil thrive when good men do nothing. This man we have now at the helm is a good man and a true doer. May the entire nation support and pray for him as he continues to fulfill his promises to our people. Mr. President, I salute you for your courage, your genuine care for our people and your strategical genius in handling the presidency. Mabuhay ka!

  11. The best in the that thing that happened to our country, HOPE, in the sense that our anticipation of CHANGES are coming, we collectively praying for the safety of our anointed’s president, the last time, Filipinos expressed these kind of sentiment, was nearly 60 years ago, when Pres Magsaysay, man of the masses,was like DU30,was elected our beloved was on chaotic, situation, when the oligarch are in power,

  12. Yes! Job well done Mr. President Duterte. Thank you Lord for giving us our new elected President of the Philippines R. Duterte. Thank you Lord, guide him and take good care of him, and be free from badly feelings and be free from anybody who wants to harm him. Salamat po Dios ko, at finally dumating na ang taong magpapabago ng mga opisyal at mamamatian pilipino tubig sa kaunlaran ng buong sambayanan. Mabuhay po. I am proud being our President of our very own PHILIPPINES. God bless you always!

  13. Correction po sa message ko.. I mean magpapabago ng kinaugalian ng mga opisyal at mga mamamayang Pilipino tungo sa kaunlaran. I am proud of you being our PRESIDENT of our very own PHILIPPINES. God bless us all!

  14. Mr. President you are right to make security for all Filipino people as your first priority. Alam na Alam muna ang ugat sa problema ng ating bayan.

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