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PRRD weep while hugging blind soldier

Cebu, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday, weep after he hugged one of the soldiers he visited at the Arm Forces of the Philippines General Hospital in Quezon City.

Lieutenant Jerome Jacuba who unfortunately lost both of his eyes in a blast with an improvised explosive device in an operation in Maguindanao few months ago, was firmly embraced by the President.

Jacuba was married with two children and was admitted in the hospital in March 4 according to Major William Recuenco who is currently his attending physician.

Recuenco said that the officer has mere chances of seeing again and is currently in the process of rehabilitation.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, Jacuba told that the blast made his left eye perceive only shadows while his right eye was totally sightless.

He also added that he is a little bit disheartened by his present condition since he no longer be able to see the faces of his two little angels.

Jacoba was set for a promotion as First Lieutenant and was promised to be given assistance by the President.

Meanwhile, Duterte is currently in Camp Peralta in Capiz to meet with soldiers during a scheduled visit to various military camps in the Visayas as of writing.



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