PRRD holds first Cabinet meeting, National Emergency number 8888 to be implemented - Duterte Latest News PH

PRRD holds first Cabinet meeting, National Emergency number 8888 to be implemented

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte plans to create a direct hotline where people can report real-time emergency situations on the ground on his first meeting with the Cabinet.

On his first live telecast meeting of the Cabinet, Duterte reiterated that he wanted to create an office that would serve as a hotline to report an emergency situation in real time for 24/7.

Duterte said that he wanted to have the hotline “8888” to be manned by 10 personnel to help with disaster risk reduction and management.

Earlier he stated that he wanted also to have 12 hotlines that would immediately address the reports on corrupt practices or to provide direct assistance for the Filipinos.

Davao City, has 911 to serve emergency situations was rumored also to go national.

Duterte holds first Cabinet Meeting

Duterte holds first Cabinet Meeting

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He also told the cabinet to de-congest the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) by building more airports outside Metro Manila as well as transfer domestic flights to Clark airport in Pampanga.

The Naval Station Sangley Point in Cavite City was also suggested, in order to lessen air traffic congestion (ATC) in NAIA where airlines will take some few minutes hovering before getting a landing permit by the air traffic controller.

The  ATC in NAIA can cause delays roughly around 5-30 minutes per flight. A  huge disadvantage for both airline company and passengers.

He said that private investors are welcome to submit plans for the international airport.

The online gambling operators got slammed and ordered to stop.

“Online gambling must stop”, Duterte said. The only legal gambling is only those ran by PAGCOR that are paying taxes to the government.

Duterte and his Cabinet also discussed how to implement the streamlining of government transactions to make it into 2-3 days to ease business in the country as well as the situation on the arbitrary case in the West Philippine Sea.

The live telecast was cutoff shortly due to the sensitivity of the topic.






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