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Police Chief orders 48 hour ultimatum to scalawags

MANILA,Philippines – The Philippine National Police (PNP) new Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa orders the scalawags in the agency who are involved in the illicit drug trade to surrender within 48 hours.

In his speech earlier at the Assumption of Command Ceremony at the PNP headquarters, PNP Chief Dela Rosa vows to get rid of corrupt law enforcers in the department.

He is giving the 2 days to reveal everything to him, else they go full time as drug lords and fight with them.

“I am giving you 48 hours to voluntarily surrender to me at ilahad ninyo sa akin ang lahat. Otherwise mag-AWOL na lang kayo, mag-full time drug lord na lang at makipag-gyera na lang kayo sa amin,” Bato’s statement.

The warning was attributed to those law enforcers in Metro Manila who are currently engaged in the drug trade and that they need to stop their wrong doings if not it would be their end.

Dela Rosa said, “In our fight against drugs, criminality and corruption it is either you are with or you are not with me. If you are with me then let’s do it but if you are not with me then you are finished,”

In his speech, Bato aforementioned that it was difficult for him to digest the latest trend in the bureau that some police are too proud about their earnings from illegal drug activities.

He vows to break their happy evil lives and assures reversal of their natal days.

“I am telling you this—this has to stop right now or I will stop you from enjoying your evil life. I promise you, change is coming including your birthday which will be changed to November 2,” Dela Rosa said.

The new “father of the PNP” affirmed to the public that he will secure a safe and cozy living free from corruption, criminality, and drugs.

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