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P50, 000 Salary Hike for PNP Possible in Six Months!

Senator Allan Cayetano revealed that the Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte plans to increase the monthly salaries of the police to a minimum of P50, 000.

He said that Duterte is reviewing a proposal to increase the cops’ salaries at a Sunday gathering of alumni from the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA). The Senator submitted a bid to Duterte and incoming PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa to increment the monthly remuneration of the police.

The additional increase would need about P70 Billion for the first year. He further clarified that P50-B would go to the salary increment while the remaining P20-B would benefit retiring PNP personnel.

Senator Allan Cayetano

Senator Allan Cayetano. Courtesy of google images

Cayetano stated that the government could provide a minimum P50, 000 graduated upwards from the additional P50-B and its very doable.

He added that the P50-K would include the basic pay as well as allowance factored in for income tax.

If the proposal would pass the congress, the salary increase would be available before Christmas. He added that the government have the money and that the budget proposal was based on the P30,000 income needed to be able to live in Metro Manila.

During the pre-election campaign, Duterte repeatedly stated that he has plans to double the salary of the 160,000 PNP Personnel.

The current basic salary of the lowest ranking police is P15,000. Doubling their salaries or increasing it would certainly encourage the cops to do their duties as will as boost their morale.

Duterte mentioned also that if the salaries will be augmented, then the public would expect more from them. He asked them to shape up and prove to the people that they are deserving.

The military will also get a salary boost. Cayetano’s camp was working already on the calculations for the salary hike. He added that the main focus for now is the salaries for the PNP and AFP.

source: inquirer, mbulletin



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