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P2000 SSS pension increase, positive under a Duterte admin

Updated* -The incoming President elect Rodrigo Duterte express his full support for increasing the current SSS pension for senior citizens.

At his press conference last May 31, Duterte said the Social Security System (SSS) pension is in place precisely for employees to save up to their elderly years when the time comes for them to retire. He also reiterates that the current P 2000 is not enough and cannot pay medical bills.

“I will increase it. Kasi alam mo, dapat binigay yan because when you have able bodies, during your younger days when you can work, we give our money so that we can have something to go by. If you have money, you have P2,000, what can you buy?”, he said.

Duterte’s support on a pension hike expresses optimism to senators in favor of the bill. Senator Juan Edgardo Angara and Cynthia Villar are both positive the SSS pension hike would get approved.

Outgoing President Pnoy, refused to approve the house bill seeking to increase the SSS monthly pension of PhP2000 across-the-board.

“In his message, President Aquino said the stability of the entire SSS benefit system, whose present membership comprises about 31 million individuals, will be seriously compromised in favor of two million pensioners and their dependents,” Communications Secretary Hermino Coloma, Jr. said in a statement.

Villar stated that the bill on SSS pension hike would automatically be re-filed.

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source: manila bulletin, inquirer, gmanetwork



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