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Duterte: No More Interviews!

On a 27 second facebook video post by France Noguera, President elect Duterte said that he would boycott the media until the end of his term.

Here is the full transcript of the video.

Duterte: “Hindi na ako talaga ha…sorry ha.. ano ako…boycott talaga”
Reporter: “Hanggang kailan yung boycott?”
Duterte: “Until the end of my term.”
Reporter: “Bakit?”
Duterte: “Basta wala..ayaw ko na”
Reporter: “Hindi na magbabago?”
Duterte: “May interview, maraming mali, marami namang criticism, so better [if there’s] no interview, no criticism, no wrong statement, no nothing. Shut up, ayaw ko na. ”

Check out the video below.


source: facebook



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