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LuzViMin Underwater Mega-Structure Coming Soon!

A Filipino company name Philtrak Inc., is eyeing on the incoming administration’s big yes on its proposal seeking to link the archipelago on an “open surface tunnel system”.

The proposal, according to its Chief Executive Francis Yuseco, dubbed The Philippines Integrated Trackway System, plans for the making of wired system of open tunnels across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao for the purpose of mass transportation and quick delivery of agricultural products.

Yuseco point out that the cost of the said proposal is P170 billion (US$3.7B) or 2% of the national budget intended for the railway system on the same scale and without the billion [of pesos] of subsidies shouldered by taxpayers.

Underwater Tunnel Artwork.Courtesy of google images.

Underwater Tunnel Artwork. Courtesy of google images.

It will be the first public-private-partnership (PPP) under the Duterte Administration if push through.

The tunnel was designed to segregate agricultural and fish loaders, passenger vehicles, freights and cargo. The opening slots will help ease the burden of traffic jam, and the difficulty of delivering agricultural and aquatic products, thus increasing the farmers commission dramatically.

Another exciting feature of the open surface tunnel proposal was the development of these townships within the vicinity of the tunnel opening. It would be built on a technological and environmental standards and specifications.

The independent townships according to the proposal would serve as a haven for families who wish to return to their hometown once they learn about the exponential increase in farmers’ income.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who might want to return in the country are very welcome to participate and share their skills in the construction of this epic mega-structure in the future.

With a land area of 30 Million hectares, still more, of the Filipinos rely mainly on agriculture as their source of livelihood which accounts for 47% in PH’s land holdings.

123KM Chinese tunnel proposal

123KM Chinese tunnel proposal linking Liaoning and Shandong Province. Image courtesy via google images.

The project proposal genuine goal is to cut the role of the middlemen and increase the earning of the ordinary farmer which is necessary to fast-rack the incoming administration economic agenda.

One of Duterte’s 8 Point economic plan would be to accelerate infrastructure spending by addressing, among others, major bottlenecks in the public-private-partnership program. He also focuses on the development of the agricultural sector by providing support services to small farmers to increase their productivity as well as develop an agricultural value chain.

The President elect wanted to have this major transportation infrastructure built in his first two years. He also thought of having a Mindanao Railway system to be constructed under his term.

Negros -Guimaras Island

Negros-Guimaras Undersea Tunnel System. User rendition of the possible tunnel network proposal. Image courtesy of google earth and


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