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Duterte urges companies to stop “endo” or shut down

Manila,Philippines- President Rodrigo Duterte promised to shut down companies who are still practicing “endo”, a shortened term for “end-of-contract” on which employees were let go before reaching its sixth month of employment.

Duterte urges employers to properly handle their employees by providing the adequate payment scheme and benefits in accordance to the law on Monday in a Malacanang press briefing.

He was quoted saying, “Stop contractualization. It will not do good to our country. Don’t wait for me to catch you because I will be unforgiving”.

The President added that he could have find a thousand reasons to close their businesses if they cannot address the issue on contractualization.

“If I find you out, I’ll just simply close your plant. I can always find a thousand reasons to do it, believe me,” Duterte said.

Last week, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III was set to issue a memorandum to shrink the widespread practice of “endo” to a considerable 50%.

He said that his department was finalizing the memo to be sent to regional offices to launch the clearing of businesses who employ workers for about five months only and that DOLE senior officials were given the task to come up with a master list of companies who allegedly are active in contractualisation.



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