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Duterte Support Killings of Criminals: “I Will Give You a Medal”

On his latest speech via Du31 Thanksgiving Party held at the Crocodile Park, Davao City last June 4, 2016, the President elect Rodrigo Duterte urge the public to shoot and kill drug dealers who resist arrest and fight back. Duterte on his speech told the crowd, “Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun, you have my support.”

A warning was given also to those who are working on illegal drug trade which might as well involve the PNP. “You can kill him”,”Shoot him and i’ll give you a medal”, Duterte said pertaining to drug dealers or pushers who refused to cooperate, instead threaten the lives of the policeman or a citizen. He stresses and vocally warned the drug lords who are operating in the country as well as the police who are protecting the drug trade to stop.

Check out the speech of President – elect Rody Duterte below:

The President elect on May 31, 2016 also announced to offer a bounty for those who could capture and kill a suspected drug lord. The higher the rank, the bigger the reward. He promised to a PhP 3M for those who could kill a “drug lord”, PhP 2M for “syndicate members” and PhP 50,000 for every ordinary drug peddler.

Duterte on his pre election campaign speech vows to suppress the criminality and drugs in the country for about six months as his main platform.



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