Digong Raises Bounty to P5-M - NBP Drug Lords Retaliate with P20-M - Duterte Latest News PH

Digong Raises Bounty to P5-M – NBP Drug Lords Retaliate with P20-M

Diuterte offers 5M Bounty

Pres Duterte during Du31 Thanksgiving Party


On his speech via Du31 Thanksgiving party last Saturday, President Duterte Increases the bounty from the previous P3 Million now to P5 Million for big time drug lords.

“Ang bayad ko ngayon, ‘pag drug lord, mag-announce na ‘ko, P5 million ‘pag patay. Kung buhay, P4 million 999 thousand lang,” Duterte said.

Drug distributors will be offered a bounty of P3 Million for dead and P2.999M if alive. He urges the public to feel free to call the police or do it yourself if you have the gun.

“In an arrest, you must overcome the resistance of the criminal, and if he fights to death..you can kill him”, he added.


Inmates Agreed to Pay Even More

According to Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa’s intelligence report, there was a plot by some New Bilibid Prison (NBP) drug lords to even with Duterte’s “Drug War” and offered to pay P20M for both Duterte and Dela Rosa’s head.

“Just yesterday (Monday) I received information that drug lords currently in Bilibid met and agreed to match the P5 million offered by Mayor, times two P10 million and we (Duterte and Dela Rosa) will be the target,” according to de la Rosa.

The Incoming PNP Chief fearlessly  challenge with the following note, “So I tell them, come on down, bring it on,”

He also said that he was determined to put an end to a century problem on drugs in the country and vows to follow the directives of his new commander in chief. Dela Rosa promised to eliminate the rogue operative in the PNP who are involved in the illegal drug trade.

Check out the video below in courtesy of Inquirer for Duterte’s “Bounty” statements:


source: inquirer, philstar, youtube




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