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Drug Kingpin Behind the P50-M Bounty for Digong, Bato Known!

After a series of reports that incoming President Rodrigo Duterte and PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa were tagged into a P20-M Reward for their heads, a former senior government official whose identity was hidden name the convicted drug lord Peter Co who allegedly raised the bounty to P50-M each.

The initial offer was P10-M but nobody cares to take it and was suddenly elevated to P50-M according to intelligence reports gathered within and outside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

He added that they obtained several reports, but yielded the same name “Peter Co”. Yet there are other big time drug lords tagged in the activity, Peter Co was said to be the one orchestrating the affair.

Peter Co

Bilibid 19 – Drug Lord Peter Co

Peter Co was one of the several high profile “Bilibid 19” inmates transferred to Building 14 on which includes also the following convicts: Amin Imam Boratong, Michael Ong, Willy Sy, Noel Martinez, Eugene Chua, Chua Sam Li, Vincent Sy, Joel Capones, Herbert Colangco, Clarence Dongail, Tom Chua, Rommel Capones, Jojo Baligad, Willy Chua, Jaybee Niño “JB” Sebastian, Jacky King Sy, German Agojo, and Benjamin Marcelo.

Last December the drug lords were snatched from their extravagant kubols (huts) in the NBP. In contrary to there grew lifestyle were these inmates can enjoy the comforts of a Jacuzzi, high tech gadgets (computer with internet, smartphones and etc), sex dolls and toys, play basketball and tennis, have lustful nights with prostitutes and can freely roam around the camp, these top dogs are now barred within a four walled cells in Building 14 with only just their own bathroom, bunk beds and heap with 24 hour surveillance CCTVs and jail securities.

The drug lords will stay there in the main time until the new government’s maximum security prison in Nueva Ecija is completed.

Peter Co was previously transferred to Leyte Penal Colony under the time of the Bureau of Corrections (Bucor) director Dionisio Santiago to prevent from selling drugs but later returned to NBP after Santiago left the agency.

In Duterte’s thanksgiving speech, he asked three PNP generals to withdraw from their positions before they will be humiliated. It might be that one of the top ranking PNP officials backed Peter Co to return to NBP.

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According to Intel-reports, the two active PNP Generals were currently assigned at Camp Crame and the other one in the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO).

Incoming Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel “Manny” Piñol allegedly  written in an article that Co and General Marcelo Garbo (retired) are connected and that is a “public knowledge” in Camp Crame. Ret. General Garbo made headlines after being seen together with 4 other active PNP Generals in Novotel Hotel in Quezon City before the election.

PNP Director General Ricardo Marquez denied the allegations about the three generals who are involved directly in the illicit drug deals in the NBP and that they are currently investigating about it.

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source: manilatimes, inquirer




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