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Customer got a taste of rogue PLDT Cebu CSR fury

Cebu, Philippines -(Updated) An internet subscriber went to social media to air his grievance over a telecom network snail internet connection, but what he received was a furious and raging customer service feedback from an allegedly PLDT Cebu Facebook page.

According to Facebook post by Cebu Flash Report written in Cebuano, the person whose name wanted not to be identified was asking for help to get his internet speed up and running while it was currently cloaking at 1.75 Mbps with maximum speed rate of 2 Mbps at 245-385ms ping.

The person went several times in their office as well as dialed the PLDT hotline and claimed that he pays on time but still receives poor service from the Telco.

“Now there is this one client who is severely pissed, might confront them with profanity laden speeches because of their unsatisfactory service, I’m sure I’m not just the only person who have this issue with them.”, the customer said in Cebuano.

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So here is the feedback from PLDT Cebu page translated from Cebuano:

If you’re not satisfied with our service, how come you keep complaining? Go to our office and disconnect your service if you’re no longer happy! Its quiet easy to get there and submit a disconnection letter… you keep growling bard words, it won’t do anything unless you tell the personnel there about your grievances and not here in the social media. We are just workers here who rely from the company’s salary…we are not the owners, so you don’t have the right to cuss words on us!

What do you think about the CSR facebook reply? is this something PLDT should mull about?



2 comments on “Customer got a taste of rogue PLDT Cebu CSR fury
  1. To Smart Provider:

    You are serving the people wherein all your income is derived by the services you promised to the people in return of money.

    If you can’t serve according to the terms and conditions that people expected good results.Just close your company so that the government find another internet provider that answer the needs of the people.
    I had been visited with other country they have excellent performance in tems of providing accessability to internet connection.

    • I fully agree with JEFF. CSR should resign if they can’t handle angry customer who are not satisfied with telco’s services as they promised.

      Contract is one-sided (of course to the telcos as always). I hope Pres. Duterte will invite more telco player to compete and truly serve the people.

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