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Colangco pointed Peter Co as “Bilibid Kingpin”

Manila, Philippines – Herbert “Ampang” Colangco admitted that Peter Co is the “kingpin” in the New Bilibid Prison in a confrontation with Philippine National Police Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa yesterday.

Ampang is wearing a rosary who seem to appear unsteady in an ambush interview with Bato in Cebuano that last a minute, concede that Peter Co was the NBP’s top brass.

Dela Rosa was quoted saying, “Is Peter Co, honestly the leader in drugs here?, tell me frankly, why are you shy if you think you’re a good person?”.
“Yes Sir”, Colangco said in a jittery manner.

The PNP Chief then throws another question to Colangco who appears shaky in the video asking, “What is your role here?”.

Colangco admitted that he was sentenced for a robbery case, adding that his frailties were just to sing and dance.

“My case, Sir, is robbery… and the other one was just singing and dancing,” said Colangco.

Bato then hold the rosary whom Ampang was wearing saying,”you pray to God, no one could save us if you don’t do good.”.

Ampang told,”thank you sir..”.

Dela Rosa added that,”You have been wearing this (rosary), make sure your charismatic.”

Prior to that, Bato jokingly asked Colangco to make a song for him, on which he positively replied.

The Chief then tapped Colangco saying “be good” before he proceeded to check with newly installed, 320 Special Action Forces (SAF) in the NBP.

Bato also quickly confronted Jaybee Sebastian, who denied the allegations that he was one of the top leaders inside the NBP.

While Peter Co hasn’t made any statement when presented to the media, the 24 detainees on board a bus will temporarily be transferred prior to an inspection in Building 14.

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Turnover over ceremony

Department of Justice exec Vitaliano Aguirre II told the media that the SAF trooper will manned the penitentiary 24/7.

He added that, that SAF will hold NBP for at least three months while the 200 penitentiary employees undergo training.

Dela Rosa ordered the SAF team not to get corrupted adding that a single bribe or a piece of candy would destroy their campaign.



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