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Church orders probe over P17.2-billion Yolanda funds

Manila, Philippines – The Church urges the Duterte administration to do a full audit of the Yolanda funds intended for the typhoon victims and that they were keeping an eye on the alleged misused of the funds and donations on Monday.

Executive secretary of the Committee on Public Affairs of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Fr. Jerome Secillano explained the stand of the Church as being a cautious observer to avoid being misconceived.

A total of P17.2 Billion of cash and non-cash donations were received by the government, NGO’s and other multilateral agencies, according to a data from the Foreign Aid Transparency Hub (FAITH).

Caritas Philippines executive secretary Fr. Edwin Gariguez, lambasted the previous administration’s snail effort in building homes for the Yolanda victims, citing their 3,117 houses made a 33% lead versus the government 2,100 houses in 2014.

Gariguez cited the current National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) data updated last March to be more than a mile away saying that the 19,330 shelters made doesn’t meet the 205,128 units target.

“Regrettably, the government response was deemed very slow and obviously inadequate. There is really nothing ‘heroic’ in the way the recovery program was carried out,” said Gariguez.

He urges the present administration to take into account all the donations expected for the impoverished and the most vulnerable, adding that it is now an “auspicious time to bring about change”.

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