[Viral Video]: Asian buffalo unceremoniously Executed in the Southern Philippines - Duterte Latest News PH

[Viral Video]: Asian buffalo unceremoniously Executed in the Southern Philippines

AMK, Singapore – No one was gored in what resembles a Spanish annual “running of the bull” at the Ozamiz’s Subayan keg Subanen Festival on Saturday, in the Philippines, where the only casualty was the poor animal itself.

A video circulating online early this morning showing an Asian buffalo or “carabao” in the local dialect went berserk in the said competition, was fired several times by law enforcers present at the event.

The Subayan Keg Subanen festival is a week –long celebration depicting songs, dances, and cultural heritage of the Subanon tribe in the region of which it was mainly celebrated every 15th-16th of July.

According to a Facebook post by Mindanaon Broadcasting Channel (MBC), the ritual and the showdown was interrupted when the carabao run over in an uncontrollable manner up until it was taken down by the law enforcer.

“The handler of the carabao can’t control it thus the police around had no other choice but to shoot it to prevent possible damage as it running around the presentation area full of visitors and vendors.”, quoted from the MBC’s facebook post.

The farmer’s “best-friend” was used as “props” of a participant identified as from the La Salle University (LSU), a local tertiary school in the province of Misamis Occidental.

No word from the organizers as well as from the contingent from LSU whom, according to reports, where the winner of the said festival showdown as of writing.

Speculations that a payment amounting to S$1,470 (P50, 000.00) would be given to the owner as reimbursement of the slain animal from the winning party.

Meanwhile a lot of netizens aren’t happy about the situation.

Some have expressed their dismay over the ill action of the policeman who shoot the animal while some shows their anger over the event promoters who failed to execute a contingency plan.

Animal hacktivist cry foul over an alleged “animal rights violation” due to the several shots it has taken.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think about the action of the law enforcers. //W. Xing




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