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Alleged druglord (Peter Lim) met Duterte

Davao, Philippines – One of the alleged drug lords named by President Rodrigo Duterte surfaced at the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Region Xl office in Davao City on Friday to clear his name.

In the video uploaded by RTVM on Saturday, Duterte was seen talking to an alleged Peter Lim, a Cebuano businessman, whom denied his involvement in the illegal drugs.

The conversation was made in Cebuano where Duterte asked the alleged drug lord “Peter Lim” if he was the same person whom he knew by intelligence report where a regular commuter to China and Philippines.

Mr. Lim denied the allegations and said that he would go out only with his family during the holy week and denied that he has never made any communication to China with respect to illegal drugs.

“Not really, Mr President, but I’m always with my family during the holy week. I don’t have any communication to China relating to drugs”, Lim said in Cebuano.

The President warned him that if ever he would find out that he was the real “Peter Lim”, he would be executed.

Duterte then asked in Cebuano, “then why your name keeps popping up and being linked to drugs?”.

The Chinese businessman narrated a consequence where his name was tagged on a congressional hearing by then former Congressman Antonio Cuenco of Cebu City due to a tabloid report that tagged him as “drug lord” who were operating businesses to cover their illegal activities.

“It all started when a news reported that an alias Peter Lim were subjected to a congressional hearing with Congressman Cuenco, at first, they took all the names of all businessmen who owns department store, motels, jewelries, and etc… and it was stated in the column that surprisingly the heavy equipment were not included in the investigation.”Lim said in Cebuano.

Back in 2001, Former Rep. Cuenco made, a congressional hearing over Peter Lim and his brother Wellington, who owns Hilton Heavy Equipment due to their involvement in the illegal substance trading. The trial failed to validate the evidence and thus cleared their names.

However, Duterte as strongman as he is, didn’t fail to provide the due process to Mr. Lim, whom he advises to meet with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director Dante Gierran or with the Department of Justice (DOJ), or with Solicitor General Jose Calida to clear his name and submit himself for an investigation.

“I will advise you strongly to submit to an investigation.”, he said in Cebuano.

Lim assured that he would cooperate with the government in the fight against illegal drugs.

“In any way I will help, in all my ways I can,” said Lim.

Full video of the meeting below ( with subtitles):



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