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Aguirre: Trillanes was “trying hard in beating a dead horse”

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is planning to bring evidence that would support Edgar Matobato’s claims, but the Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II brush off his statements on Monday.

In a GMA News report, Aguirre said that the senator was “trying hard in beating a dead horse”.

He also added that Trillanes has “no credibility” to send off invective statements vs the President.

The testimony of a self-confessed killer, Edgar Matobato who involved Rodrigo Duterte in the spate of killings when he was a former Mayor of Davao City have been found inconsistent by a few senators during the Senate inquiry on extra judicial killings.

The Senator odds of defending Matobato’s claim are imperceptible.

“One with no credibility attacking one (PRRD) with a trust rating of 91 percent. No chance to succeed,” Aguirre said.

Trillanes told the media on Sunday that he will show evidences this week and further elaborate on his privilege speech on Monday afternoon.

He added that “If this person [Matobato] is indeed bogus, then why are they so afraid that they removed the chairperson [De Lima] of the committee?”

Senator Panfilo Lacson wasn’t convinced on Matobato’s claims, saying that he found too many deviations on his statements.

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