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35 Gov Officials Tagged on Drug Bargaining in the Philippines

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte named 35 local executives who are allegedly operating  in the illegal drug trade that he plans to defeat in the next 6 months before a crowd of statesmen.

Duterte named one politician out of 35 involved in the drug trade on a meeting with lawmakers last Tuesday night in Davao City.

Prior to the election, Duterte keeps a promise to overhaul the Philippines from drugs and criminality.   A lot of people are in doubt on how well he goes to execute this 3-6 month plan, but later divulge to the public his blueprints.

Davao City Meeting with Solons

Pres Elect Rody Duterte met Solons in Davao City


According to  Representative Danilo Suarez of Quezon,  Duterte asked the crook local executives to renounce their post as soon as possible without showing any implication on to giving these officials the clemency.  Although Suarez declined to name the 35 local execs, he provided a hint that these could be the local mayors or governors in the country.

The illegal drugs infiltrating in the ranks of the Philippine National Police (PNP) well be his top priority and he might ask the Arm Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to help him cleanse the said agency.

Previously, three PNP generals were called to step down before Duterte humiliate them in public prior to his official  start on June 30.

Thanksgiving Party in Cebu

Meanwhile, the 71 tough talking mayor asked the Solons last Wednesday night in Cebu City not to obstruct his way on his effort to curve the drug and criminality in the country.

He mentioned in his thanksgiving speech in front of lawmakers and supporters that he met with incoming Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and several congressmen and asked them not to fail in handling the congressional investigation of his anti drug and criminality campaign.

Digong also pointed out that there is an illegal activity happening inside the National Bilibid Prison (NBP), where it has already become a drug haven explicitly defeating its purpose as a shelter to rehabilitate criminals.


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